Violeta – Silk Scarf

Precious 100% Italian silk

Anarela’s timeless luxury Violeta Silk Scarf boasts an exclusive handmade design produced in limited edition.

All the pieces are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

  • Product: Scarf
  • Design: Handmade (Collage technique)
  • Material: 100% silk from lake Como, Italy
  • Measure: 90 x 90 cm
  • Print: Digital print
  • Maintenance: Only dry clean, avoid contact with any source of water and chemicals.

An easy way to add a touch of color to any outfit!

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Beige, Green, Violet

What inspired Violeta Silk Scarf?

This artwork talks about survival in honor of all the surviving people who might feel identified with Violeta Silk Scarf. Despite the dark and stormy winters, Violeta always waited for its longed-for spring. Then she blooms as a flower, even if it was only for an instant. The snake capturing the bird and the flying bird catching the fish represent the survival of the species.

The predominant color of this neck silk scarf is violet since it refers to the name of the main figure.

By wearing this silk fashion accessory, you are wrapping yourself into a unique work of art.

Wear exclusivity. Our collections only produce a few pieces for design.