El Balcón del Infinito – Silk Kimono

Precious 100% Italian silk

Anarela’s El Balcón del Infinito Silk Kimono boasts an exclusive handmade design produced in limited edition.

All the pieces are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.

  • Product: Kimono
  • Design: Handmade (Collage technique)
  • Material: 100% silk from lake Como, Italy
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Size: One size
  • Print: Digital print
  • Maintenance: Only dry clean, avoid contact with any source of water and chemicals.

Timeless luxury Silk kimono that you can wear like a dress, underneath or with jeans for a casual look.

Wear and exclusive piece of art and feel unique!

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Beige, Blue, Pink, Yellow

What inspired El Balcón del Infinito Silk Kimono?

The artwork illustrated on El Balcón del Infinito Silk Kimono reminds a magical place called the balcony of infinity, located in Ravello, Italy. This is a place where the blue of the sky and the sea merge, ascending to infinity. The bird symbolizes freedom, the ability to fly and move forward. Get carried away, even if you don’t have a direction, just enjoy the trip.

The predominant color palette in this piece of art is very varied. Blue stands out, being the color of the sky and sea, whereas pink appears frequently around the sunset area. The use of yellow represents the color of Sorrento lemons, so popular in southern Italy.

By wearing this silk fashion accessory, you are wrapping yourself into a unique work of art.

Wear exclusivity. Our collections only produce a few pieces for design.